A Premium Custom Motorized Awning Built Just For You

Our clients tend to do their homework so let’s start with the basics, although our awnings are far from basic! Even our “entry level” retractable awnings offer exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


Paint Finish

All finishes are not created equal. Your awning will sit in the sun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are not the only company to powder coat our awnings, but we take it a step further. Our industry leading pre-treatment, and proprietary powder coating finish exceeds AAMA 2604 specifications including 3,000 hour salt spray testing. These super durable finishes includes UV inhibitors that extend the life of a fade resistant finish.

In addition, we have evolved our colors over time to make one that is low gloss and lightly textured, adding and upscale look that won’t distract or draw attention from your home. We take it even further with the infusion of anti-microbial treatment that make our fnishes the ultimate in low or even non-maintenace.

Chain Tension System

All of our motorized awning arms are built with a stainless steel tension system. Other companies save money here with cable, wire, or even plastic tensioners. This is the component that makes your retractable awning retractable, and is under constant stress and tension – all day– everyday. We don’t think our clients want to cut corners, so we don’t either.

Fabric Selection

When the pandemic hit– our supplier leaned in. They cornered the market on shade material! While other companies are still scrambling to find in-stock cloth we are proud to announce we are fully inventoried to complete your awning in industry leading manufacturing speed. Still 100% manufactured in the USA! Choose from hundreds of high quality, beautiful designs.

Different Types Of Retractable Awnings

We cater to what your personal tastes. Besides the myriad of fabrics on offer— you can choose from several distinct awning styles.


The simple lines of the original retractable awning. Fabric and valance are always visible, classic and timeless


A bit more contemporary than a traditional retractable awning, including the fact that the fabric is protected from the elements—but keeps the traditional look by keeping the valance

Cassette Awnings

The ultimate in contemporary design. There when you need it, and discreetly tucked away when you don’t. Definitely the trend in new homes.

Drop Shade Options

Every one of our awning styles gives you the option of adding a solar screen off the front of the bar—the perfect solution for an elegant summer evening outside.


Ready for More?

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